11 Must Visit Places in Angeles City

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Did you know that visiting Angeles City will not cost you an arm and a leg? Yes, that’s true! From historical places, delicacies, adventure to night life, we got it all here.

Angeles City is a stone’s straw from Clark International Airport and different hotels. Locals are friendly and hospitable. For sure, you will not feel like a fish out of water.

If you want to take a break, come and visit Angeles City. You can tag along your friends and enjoy. Here are the lists of some of the places that you can visit:

Salakot Arch (Bayanihan Park)

Salakot Arch is a well-known landmark of Angeles City. Its structure is based upon the design of a native hat, which symbolizes the renewed Filipino spirit. It’s formerly located near the entrance of Clark Special Economic Zone. It was now relocated to Bayanihan Park, where you can do some exercise like jogging, walking and playing games. You can also have a picnic and enjoy the morning sun.

Decawake Clark Cable Park

It is located inside Deca Clark Residences and Resort, one of the projects of 8990 Housing Development Corporation. It’s the only Wakeboarding Lake in the City. You do not need to own a house here to try this adventure. It’s open for locals and foreigners.

Walking Street

Red light district is very popular to a lot of foreigners. Aside from what they know about it, you can also enjoy eating international cuisines. Go for a disco or have a relaxing massage.

Almost everything is near here like hotels, supermarket, currency exchanger, fast food, laundry shops, boutique, pharmacy and a lot more.

Korean Town

We welcome foreigners to have their own business here. It’s one of the reasons why we have Korean Town. If you love or want to try different Korean cuisine, then it’s the perfect place to visit. A lot of locals and foreigners love to eat here.

Apo Flea Market

Looking for the best place to buy cheap items? Then, visit Apo Flea Market. It’s only open every Friday of the year. You can buy a lot of stuff like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, bedroom beddings and more.

Do not to bring expensive items or show your wallet with a full of cash if you will visit here. It’s a crowded place, like any other places, there are also pick pockets. Be vigilant; keep your money hidden from the eyes of other people. Do not provide important information about you. Most Filipinos are shy; they won’t ask personal questions unless you already build a friendly connection with them.

When buying, always be polite in haggling to vendors because they are also trying to make a living. If you see beggars, better to buy them food than to give them money.

Apung Mamacalulu Shrine (Apo Shrine)

Apung Mamacalulu, which means Merciful Lord in English is located near Apo Flea Market. There is a special mass every Friday. You will see the lying statue of Jesus with bruised that shows the sacrifice and love he has given to humanity.

A lot of devotees kiss his feet as a sign of love, respect and thankfulness to all the things he has given. It’s one of the best places to reflect all the things that you have done in your life.

Holy Rosary Parish Church

It is located near Holy Angel University and Museo ning Angeles. It is recognized as a national historical site by the National Commission for Culture. Polo y Servicio labor systems constructed it from 1877 to 1896. From August 1899 to December 1900, it was used as U.S. Army’s military hospital.
In 1940s it was destroyed as a result of the World War ll but the government immediately restored it with the help of American troops. It was finished by early 1944. Today, it’s the main religious center and there is a mass everyday starting at 5am.

Carmelite Monastery

One of the popular churches in Angeles City is Carmelite Monastery. The whole church is solemn. You can feel the peace in your heart if you visit here. It’s the perfect place to reflect all your sins.
It is believed that when you light a candle, say your intentions and pray, your wish will be granted and also if you offer white roses.

Center for Kapampangan Studies Museum

It is known as Juan D. Nepomuceno’s Center for Kapampangan Studies. It’s located inside Holy Angel University near Holy Rosary Church. It’s a library and museum that promotes Kapampangan history and culture.


It was built in 1840 during the Spanish period by Don Ciriaco de Miranda, the first mayor of the town as farm shed of light materials. It is actually one of the few surviving legacy structure, which is now The Home of Armando’s Pizza: Ang Pambansang Pizza.

Camalig serves Filipino, Mexican and American favorites. You can drink, dine and unwind here until midnight.

Museo ning Angeles (Museum of Angeles City)

It was the original town hall of Angeles City built in 1922. It is currently being managed by Kuliat Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that aims to restore and preserve the culture, history and tradition of Angeles City.

The museum showcases various kinds of exhibitions. It is also a venue for concerts, art classes and performances for traditional celebrations. It is open every Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and by appointment every Sunday. The fees are 20 pesos for students and 50 pesos for all other visitors.

What are you waiting for? Book your flight to Angeles City or if you’re already in the Philippines, why not visit us? Come and enjoy different sight-seeing and activities!

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