How To Get Barangay Clearance in Angeles City

Blog Review | By acg_admin | February 05, 2019

Securing a Barangay Clearance is very easy especially since most documentation processes within the city are now streamlined and systematized. Depending on which barangay you reside, you simply have to go to your barangay hall. For example, if you are a barangay Balibago resident, proceed to the Barangay Balibago Hall which is located at T Aguas St, this is the street facing the old Johnny’s Supermarket.

Normally, securing a barangay clearance requires you to submit valid identification cards that indicate your address. This can be a driver’s license, a community tax certificate, a postal ID, passport and secondary identification cards may include utility bills and other forms of proof of address.

Prepare a small amount of cash, anywhere between P50.00 to P150.00 to pay for the barangay clearance processing fees. Fill up the barangay clearance application form which you can usually obtain from the front desk or information desk, unless they point you to another office within the building where you can get one.

Once the form is completed, return it to the staff in charge and wait for them to encode your Barangay Certificate of Residency.

The whole process normally takes around thirty minutes to get accomplished, depending on the volume of people processing the same document on the same day.

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