How To Get SSS Number in Angeles City

Blogs | By acg_admin | December 07, 2017

Whether you are applying for a social security service (SSS) membership or applying for an identification card, the easiest place to go to is the SSS branch located at Marquee Mall.

Once there, choose the form most appropriate and fill it up with your details.

For new membership applicants, fill up the Personal Record or SS Form E-1 along with only one primary identification card such as your birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, driver’s license, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Card or a Seaman’s book.

In the absence of a primary identification card, submit two secondary documents such as an Alien Certificate of Registration, ATM Card with card holder’s name, ATM card and certification from the issuing bank that the account number belongs to the cardholder, if the card does not bear the cardholder’s name, birth or baptismal certificate of children, health or medical card, a voter’s ID, TIN or Tax Identification Number Card, Police Clearance, Senior Citizen’s ID, postal ID card, school ID and so on.

For other forms of SSS transactions such as getting an SSS ID, applying for loans, maternity, sickness, calamity, retirement and other such benefits, you can proceed to the same office and ask for assistance on which form to fill up.


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