Packing and Traveling Tips When Visiting Angeles City

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Is it your first time to travel in the Philippines specifically in Angeles City? If yes, then you need to learn essential packing and traveling tips when visiting here. It’s better to have an idea so you know what to expect.
Read below the information that you need to know:


Traveling to Angeles City is fun and exciting but make sure to check the weather condition for the time you’re traveling. The climate of the Philippines can divided into two major seasons; the rainy season and dry season. Rainy Season is from June to November while Dry Season is from December to May. The dry season may be subdivided further into cool dry season (December to February) and hot dry season (March to May). To know more about the Philippines weather condition, you can check Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (known as PAGASA) website.

When you’re visiting during dry season bring light, comfortable but decent clothes like shorts, t-shirt, blouse, flip-flops, sandals and flat shoes. Do not also forget to bring your hat. During rainy season bring long sleeve, jacket, rubber shoes, t-shirt, blouse and denim pants.


Personal hygiene is very essential. Bring your comb, perfume, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, deodorant, cotton buds, wet wipes, soap, shampoo and towel. Women are also advised to bring their feminine wash while men are advised to bring their shaver, razor and shaving cream.


Some things happen unexpectedly. It’s better to be prepared specially when visiting Angeles City for the first time. Bring paracetamol, diarrhea medicine, cold and flu medicine, first aid kit, motion sickness medicine and insect repellent. Do not also forget to bring sunscreen and hand sanitizer.


Make sure to have a photo copy of your passport and ID’s. Put them in your pocket and bring them where ever you go so you have a proof of your identity. It’s advisable to keep your original documents in a safe place in your hotel room. If you plan to purchase using your credit card, you need to bring your original ID for verification purposes.

Emergency Contact List

It is better to think in advance than be trap in a worse situation. Before going out of your hotel room, ask important numbers that you may need like the hotel and police station. Save them on your phone and write them also in a piece of paper and keep them safe in your pocket.


Bring only important gadgets like cellphone and camera. Do not also forget to bring converter with you because mostly 100V outlets are not available. 200V is the common outlet used in Angeles City.

Belt Bag

Use a belt bag for your money and other valuables. Make sure to position it in front of your body and hide it under your shirt if possible. Just like any other place, tourists are mostly the targets of pickpockets.

Money Exchange

Do not change all your money at the airport. There is lots of currency exchanger that offers a great price. You just need to choose one of them like Western Union inside the Walking Street or Flamingo Hotel.

Hopefully, the information we provided will help you a lot. Now, you can start packing and wait for the day you will travel in Angeles City. Have fun and enjoy!

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