Barangay Anunas is among five barrios of kuliat (Angeles City) when it separated from San Fernando on December 8, 1929 through the effort of Don Pantaleon De Miranda.

Anunas is a barangay that took its name from the native fruit-bearing custard apple (Anonareticulata Linn.). It is a native of tropical America and introduced only in the Philippines sometime ago. This tree belongs to the family of Anona said to be derived from the Malay name menona (minuna in Kapampangan) having 3 varieties in the Philippines to which atis and bena-bana (guyabano) belong. The village used to be known as Pulung Anunas and was one of the 4 new barrios of Culiat in 1812, together with Sto. Rosario, Cutcut and Pampang.

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