How to apply for Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) – COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP)?

Blogs | By acg_admin | April 01, 2020

(1) What is CAMP?
Answer: It is safety net program by the Department of Labor and Employment that offers financial support to affected workers in Private Establishments that have adopted FLEXIBLE WORK ARRANGEMENTS (FWA) or Temporary Closure due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The program provides P5,000 for each affected worker. Regardless of employment status, In lump sum and non conditionally.

(2) What are the requirements?
(a) Duly Filled-out establishment report on COVID-19 with list of affected workers
(b) One month payroll prior to the implementation of flexible work arrangement or temporary closure

(03) Where and When to apply?
Answer: Establishments in Central lUzon shall submit their application and requirements online at Submission of Application is until 14,2020.

Which types of workers could benefit under the CAMP?
Answer: All types of workers regardless of rank and status could benefit from CAMP.

Are workers with Work from arrangements entitled to the 5k financial support under the CAMP?
Answer: As per memorandum-COVID No. 01-2020 signed by Used Ana Dione, employees receiving their salaries in full are no longer entitled to the
P5k financial support under CAMP.

Which types of industries could apply for the 5K FS under the CAMP?
Answer: All private companies can apply subject to evaluation and approval.
MSMEs are prioritized, and large companies are highly encouraged to pay in full the salaries of their affected workers.

Should leave credits be utilized during work suspension during Community Quarantine (CQ)?
Answer: Workers have the option to use their leave benefits during CQ. Otherwise, the principle of “no-work-no-pay” applies.

What should the workers do when their employer requires them to report for work, but cannot do so, due to strict restrictions on public transport cause by the ECO/Lockdown?
Answer: As per memorandum from the Executive Secretrary dated 16 March 2020, employers mush provide the necessary shuttle service, accommocation, PPEs, IATF/Quarantine pass to facilitate their workers’ ease of travel to work. Workers’ absence due to natural or man-made calamity shall not be subject to any administrative sanction based on Labor Advisory No. 01.s.2020

Can employers advance the 5k financial support to their workers, and later reimburse it from DOLE?
Answer: Yes, it is an option that the employer could make upon receipt of DOLE’s notice of approval.


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