Lourdes North West

Lourdes Northwest, Lourdes Sur and Lourdes Sur-East apparently named after their common patron saint NuestraSeñora de Lourdes with respect to their respective geographical locations. Lúyus (or Lúius) is another old village near the old location of Pandan. Its name comes from the native palm “bunga” Areca catechu Linn.. It is certainly of prehistoric introduction, most probably from India through Malaya. This is the palm that produces betel nuts, much used by “Kapampangangmámama” or Kapampangans (as well as other natives in the Austronesian world) who chew betel as a mild stimulant.

Barangay Lourdes was thought to be one of the oldest barangays among others. The late Dr. Clemente N. Dayrit Sr. was the first person who made an action to separate Barangay Lourdes from Barrio San Nicolas. From then on they called it “Lourdes” because Dr. Dayrit and his wife were devotees of “Our Lady of Lourdes” in France. The Dayrit family donated five-hundred hectares (500 ha) of land wherein a church had been built. Two of the famous marks of the barangay is the public school situated inside the Dayrit Compound in 1912 and the ice plantation near the railroad in 1914.

Dr. Dayrit had once said that this barrio will become a subdivision. This subdivision became one of the oldest in 1925 which was divided into parts: Lourdes Sur East, Lourdes Northwest, Claro M. Recto, VirgendelosRemedios, Sta. Teresita, Agapito Del Rosario, Salapungan, Lourdes Sur, and Sto Cristo. 

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