Márgot comprises most parts of the old Tacondo area going to SapangBato. It is said that the name came from a certain lady named Margot, Margaret, Margaetc, or most probably from an old “borrowed” Kapampangan term marga’ha. This term was one of the peculiar entries in the Kapampangan-English Dictionary by Michael Forman which means as “volcanic ash” or “lava [rare]”. Its proximity to the slope of Mt. Pinatubo and its location across several headwaters of the Abacan River might provide clues to the prehistoric eruption of the said active volcano.

The first settlers in this Barangay were mostly Ateas (balugas) and some locales. Subsequently, other workers of the camp started to live likewise in this barrio and built their residential houses including some of the enlisted men (US Calvary) and members of the Philippine Scout detailed at Camp Forth Stotsenberg. Pampango and Tagalog are the most common dialect spoken in this place. Since then Barangay Margot emerged as thickly populated Barangay today. 

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