Pulúng Maragul

Pulúng Maragul is the place where the new City Hall is located. It is literally translated as “big forest,” probably to differentiate it from PulungMaragul a.k.a. PulungKaputut (“small forest”), which is also in the same vicinity. It seems that the places with pulu (literally, an island) as part of their toponym were once forested with either ilib (cogon grass, Imperatacylindrica [L.] P.Beauv.), kuaian tutu (Bambusblumeana, J.A. & J.H. SchultBambusaSchreber) and other indigenous trees, thus forming island-like sanctuary in the middle of sandy lands.

Barangay PulungMaragul is one of the oldest barangay in Angeles City. The primary livelihoods of the people are farming and cultivation of vegetables, cattle, and carabao which are primarily used in farming. The large part of PulungMaragul is a sugar cane farm. 

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