Pulúng Bulu

Pulúngbulu located on the northeastern section of SapangBalen Creek. Its name came from the compounded words pulúng (“forest of”) and bulu (Schizostachyumlumampao [Blanco] Merr.). When the Province of Pampanga was subdivided into different towns, Barangay Pulungbulu was also affected and was divided into two barrio , namely Pulungbulu , San Fernando and Pulungbulu , Angeles . During that era, Pulungbulu San Fernando was the trading center of all activities and it was called the “Centro”. The majority of the people resided there.

When the unit of Habeas Corpus was suspended during the administration of President ElpidioQuirino (1948-1953), the residents of Pulungbulu , San Fernando moved to the northern part of the barrio , now called Pulungbulu , Angeles City (by virtue of Republic Act 3700 enacted on January 1 . 1964) where they lived permanently up to the present. 

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