Salapúngan is taken from the root word salapang, this means “a splitter”. Fray Diego Bergaño likened the idea to the split tongue of a barag. Presently, the place well represents its meaning; it is a place of intersection going to at least two road ways, one to the city proper (Sto. Entierro St.) and the other going any of the roads northwestwards (like the Magnolia St.). It best represents rotonda of the modern traffic scheme.

After several decades, it is now fast becoming the center Business, Education, Banking among others, where everyone is being provided great opportunity for self development.

Salapungan is a bid subdivision owned by the Dayrit clan formerly a part of Barrio Lourdes which eventually became a separate barrio in 1955. The etymology of its name cannot be determined actually. But according to the elders, the name was constructed, “Salang-Salang” as well. 

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