San Jose

San Jose was one of the early barrios of the then Culiat town, named by the people after their patron saint San Jose LabradororApung Jose Talapagobra.

In 1945 it was sparse of about 200 family heads. A year later in 1946, at the height of the anti-dissident campaign of the government, many residents of the different Barangays of the surrounding municipalities like Bacolor, San Fernando, Arayat, Magalang, Porac Etc. have evacuated their Barangays and found their settlement in Barangay San Jose which tremendously affected increased in its population. These evacuees (migrants) occupied a land owned by the evacuees and sub-divided it. Upon learning about this the residents filed a petition to the defunct Land Tenure Administration of the government to purchase the land they were occupying for redistribution to the actual residents/occupants. Their petition was favorably granted by the late President Ramon Magsaysay. 

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