San Nicolas

San Nicolas formerly known (partly) as Talimundoc for “rocky, dry upland or hilly area.” Part of the Barrio intersects with Lourdes Sur East. It was named after their patron saint San Nicolas Tolentino. Barangay San Nicolas created by virtue of Republic Act No. 3590 on June 22, 1963 better known as the “The revised Barrio Charter”.

In 1829, after Don Angel pays (from his own pocket) the municipality of San Fernando the equivalent amount of taxes collectible from the 160 pioneer settlers of Culiat, the new town is formally separated from its matrix, San Fernando, on December 8. Culiat is renamed Angeles, dedicated to the Los Santos Angeles Custodios (Holy Guardian Angels) but actually in honor of the founder, Don Angel. The town acquires three additional including San Nicolas. 

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