Sapangbato is the westernmost village of the city. Its name came from Sápang (“creek of” or “river of”) and bato (“stone”). Apparently, huge boulders of volcanic origin littered (and still litter) this hillside-riverside barrio. The site may have contained a quarry

of calcareous rocks (such as adobe and planas), dacite and pumiceous rocks used in the early times in the construction of pisamban (Catholic churches such as the Holy Rosary Parish Church), bale batu (colonial houses like the Bale Herencia), large kamalig(rice granaries) etc.

This old Barrio comprises some of the upland sitios like SitioBabo populated mostly by the Aetas (Kapampangan speaking Aeta) and SitioBaliti. One of the most remote barangays of Angeles City with reference from its distance to the city proper. It is bounded on the north by Clark Field, Pampanga, in the south by Barangay Manwali of Porac, on the east by Barangay Margot and in the west by SitioCamachiles and SitioAgwit. 

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